Latvian wedding traditions

Latvia unfairly stands aside of the major destinations for wedding spots. We intend to change this trend.

There are a lot of interesting places where you can hold a wedding celebration in Latvia, which will satisfy the most extraordinary tastes. Places such as medieval forts, elegant palaces and modern restaurants with stunning design and atmosphere, will suit everyone Sometimes the most difficult task is to decide where to celebrate a wedding.

You will be pleasantly surprised how affordable the wonderful celebration in Latvia at the constant quality of our services can be. Another definite advantage of the wedding in Latvia is the location, as it is located at the center of Europe. An easy air travel or a car ride will bring you to one of the most intimate corners of Europe.

Our company «My Chic Wedding» offers the best of Latvia for the wedding arrangements in accordance with all of your wishes. We will be happy to help you create a special wedding celebration.




Wedding ceremony in Riga is a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the aura of the past on the narrow streets of the Old Town, surrounded by buildings with tiled roofs and turrets, cozy gardens and parks.

In Riga you will travel back in time to the romantic Middle Ages.


We can organize all types of weddings in Riga including Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Сivil, Symbolic or other.


Baltic coast


The Baltic Sea coast of Latvia will leave an unforgettable impression. The coast is very diverse – you can find an excellent modern resorts as well as quiet, secluded places, wide sandy beaches and unusual rocky shore.

Your wedding ceremony will be unforgettably beautiful located on the beach surrounded by golden dunes and lapping waves or a five star hotel in the garden under the warm rays of the sun of the Baltic.


Latvian castles.


Latvia has many historical monuments of cultural and architectural heritage – the medieval fortress, castles, wonderful palaces, each with its own history and unique architecture.

Holding a wedding ceremony in a castle will accentuate the solemnity of the event. There is big choice of architecture from Baroque style castle, modern villa or rustic place in the forest.

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