Complex wedding services

Wedding preparation is a happy time for each couple. At the agency «My Chic Wedding» we are sure of this and are working so that pre-wedding preparations bring only fun and excitement to you as well as the celebration itself.

Our team will take care of all the organizational issues, will develop the concept of your event, offer the best venue for celebration, organize a wedding reception. Wedding decor will be created according to your wishes and the latest trends in wedding design. We help to plan your wedding ceremony and assist at registration documents.

We will consider all the details and fulfill your dreams of a perfect wedding.


We offer only the best venues, where we have been ourselves and do not make conclusions based on the photos. We can offer a wide selection of venues and we will find you that special place, irrespective of the planned budget and number of guests.

Flowers, wedding decor, lighting

Flowers and wedding decor create an atmosphere of celebration. Once you give us your views on an unforgettable celebration, a team of professionals from «My Chic Wedding» begins to implement your suggestions and our ideas in accordance with the chosen style of the event. This part of your wedding celebration is one of the most fascinating.

Banquets, wedding cake, music, entertainment programs

We understand this is a special day for you. No detail goes unnoticed - gourmet cuisine, fine wines, impeccable service, music and entertainment.

Photography and video

It is one of the most important elements of the wedding. Every moment of the celebration will be captured for a long memory - exciting emotions when you say 'yes' to the beloved, eyes of parents during the ceremony, smiles of the guests. We work only with talented and responsible partners.


We can offer any kind of transport from retro cars up to balloons, helicopters or scooters. Even in the transport section you have a choice with us.and we can realize every fantasy.

Attention to guests

We arrange airport transfers for your guests. We will drive them to the venue of the celebration. We will offer villas or cozy hotels for a residence, arrange sightseeing tours, cooking classes, shopping tours, wine tastings and much more for your guests to enjoy and have fun.

Hairstylist, makeup artist

Our stylists and makeup artists will come to your hotel room and take care of everything. Your image will fit the dress, the selected style and celebration color. We fully understand how important it is for every girl to look amazing, especially at her wedding. You can be sure that with our masters you will be irresistible at your wedding day.

The civil wedding

The official registration of marriage abroad has its own details. We are cooperating with the consulates and can help you with the preparation of documents for the civil wedding. «My Chic Wedding» gladly provides the answers to all your questions. We offer to carry out the civil marriages in Rome, near Rome, in Tuscany, on the Amalfi Coast, in the castles of Latvia and in Riga.

The symbolic ceremony

There are no legal restrictions for arranging symbolic ceremony and everything is determined solely by your imagination. If you plan to register a marriage in your country or choose marriage without legal component, then a symbolic wedding is for you. We offer a symbolic wedding ceremony in Rome, near Rome, in Tuscany, on the Amalfi Coast, in the castles of Latvia, on the Baltic coast, in Riga.

Religious wedding

Religious wedding ceremony is a sacrament that carries a special spiritual significance of particular importance. In order to make the wedding not only solemn, but also romantic, we propose to hold a wedding in Italy and Latvia.

Wedding anniversary

Bachelorette party, honeymoon - the creative team of «My Chic Wedding» can organize any event for you.

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